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The true potential of mobile messaging extends far beyond competitions and permission marketing. It is a new communication and transactional medium that enables fundamental changes in the way we do business. Welcome to the world of Mobile Information Services!

Airline Booking, Ticketing & Check-In

End-to-End SMS Flight Inquiry, Booking, Ticketing, Baggage-check-in and Boarding solution. Wireless, Paperless and Queue-less complete passenger handling solution. Airline Booking, Ticketing, Check-In and Boarding Solution is an end-to-end Wireless, Queueless and Paperless passenger transaction and embarkation system that enables Airline passengers to efficient conduct the entire process with his/her mobile phone. more details

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Interactive TV Shows & Games

Our products and services for Interactive television comprise of a range of ready-to-deploy interactive TV shows, tools and business opportunities that combine TV and mobile phones in novel ways. These products include a wide variety of revenue generating interactive SMS-TV formats and games that can easily be deployed by any TV broadcaster in their programming. 

NetBanking Authentication

NetBanking Authentication Solution is an innovative application of SMS Transaction Server and its secure integration architecture to deliver a high-usability, high-reliability 2-factor authentication solution that will secure Internet Banking login access for customers, to combat the rampant Internet fraud and phishing scams.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Solutions is based on the secure and robust SMS Transaction Server architecture. Its application design utilizes our unique Short Message User Interface technology and Application-level Security provisions that maximize usability and security.

Mobile Ticketing & Identification Management

World-Leading Mobile-Ticketing solution scans 99.99% of SMS-enabled handsets. Solution includes scanning appliances, GPRS connectivity and POS integration toolkits. Mobile Ticketing Solution is a world-leading ticket encode, dispatch and decode solution that consists of server-side message logic handling, reliable ticket dispatch and high-availability client-side ticket decoding and processing. There is no other solution in the market that can guarantee 99.99% scan-rate and 99.99% handset coverage at present.

Mobile-CRM & Interactive TextSite Solution

The next logical step to SMS Competitions for Brands. Build a consistent Mobile Brand using a single SMS Address and "TextSite" for interactive SMS Services. Mobile-CRM & Interactive "TextSite" Solution is the next logical step to SMS Competitions for Brands. By providing a suite of interactive services to your customers at a consistent SMS Address (eg. 0411-ABRAND) you will begin to capture valuable CRM information build a permanent customer relationship.

Retail Marketing

Retail Marketing Solution is a do-it-yourself web-based solution that significantly cuts down the cost of conducting mobile marketing campaign for any organization. Using a very simple web-based interface, marketers will be able to operate real-time SMS marketing, such as Competitions, Product Promotions, Vouchers, Broadcasts, with just a few clicks on the keyboard.

Retail Loyalty

Retail Loyalty Solution empowers Retailers with precision CRM and consumer behavior information like never before. For the first time, offline retailers will enjoy all the information that online retailers are used to, in terms of relating transactions, buying behaviors, time of purchase, product purchased and location of purchase all down to the individual level.

Integrated Retail-AV Solution

Retail-AV Solution is the Frontier of Wireless-Broadcast convergence. Consumers with their mobile phones will send in Live feedback that will influence the animated audio video sequence being broadcasted. It combines the power of personalized communication of SMS and the reach and excitement of Broadcast AV.

Call Center Automation

Call Center Automation solution gives Call Centers and Contact Centre access to SMS as a new 2-way communication channel. Text is a much cheaper and less intrusive channel of communication. Text can be automated. And from the consumer's perspective, the Text message can wait in the call-queue for you without having to physically be on the line.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation Solution creates significant Process Efficiency in the mobile enterprise by automating otherwise manual, paper-based and voice-based transactions. Using text messaging, the system can simultaneously communicate and transact with thousands of individuals, fully automating, tracking and managing communications and job status with ease.

Wireless System Integration

Wireless System Integration Solution is designed to help organizations with their own Custom SMS Application and Wireless PDA Application needs. It leverages the high-availability, high-throughput architecture of SMS Transaction Server, its library of common APIs and Mobile Information Services experienced network engineers to deliver mission-critical custom apps on-time and on-quality.

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